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hey SCs!
how’s your holidays?
the june holidays are coming to an end, time to say ‘hello!’ to term 3!
term 3 is not going to be as hectic as before, so don’t worry~
but still, duties must still go on..
so, check out the new duties here!


Hi Student Councillors!
It must have been hard for all of us during the Project Run 2010..
So, guess what?
We’re going to have a FUN camp!

Please note these information of the camp –
Date: 9th – 10th June 2010
Time: Report at the foyer 8.00am sharp on 9th June 2010

Student Leaders’ Camp Program List and Teaming
Please click the above link for the program list and teaming!

Packing List
Please click the above link for the packing list!

Do come for the camp because it is gonna be FUN~!

Dear Scs ,
Following are info for tomorrow. I made very brief for easy understanding.

For non-graduating SCs,

10:00am Leave class
10:50am reach hall.
then you should know the rest

For graduating SCs taking normal Mt language,

11:45 Get out 0f class and change fast
noon Hall for rehearsal
1300 BACK to MT class

UG , bring wear half-u
SC, bring court shoe and stocking(ladies)

Following is the script.   Tomorrow is the actual event so please read it once so you will be able to do your best for tommorow.


Thank you. All the best. get plenty of rest. Singers eat alot of Honey.

Dear student leaders,

Please attend Rara Day on 19 April 2010, this coming Monday, from 3 – 530 pm. The agenda for the rara day: singing practice (45 min) and Project run closing. Please be at IT Resource Room by 3 pm. Attached here the information form of the activity. Student- Information form rara day 19 april 2010.

See you there.

Ms Wi

Dear councillors,

The schedule for Morning Reflection in term 2 can be found in the attachment below. Take note the topic and please email me your speech by Monday  before your turn.

Schedule of Morning Reflection – Term_2

DEAR Student Councilor,

raraday will be held at IT Resource room II and start at 1.30-4.00 Here is the things that we are going to have for RARA day on friday.

  •  Practice Singing ‘You Raise Me Up’ @ IT Resource Room 2
  •  Sharing about JC life
  •  Games
  •  Update Project 2010 
  •  Confirmation of probation councillors
Please be punctual.
For all students councillor on duty for pareant teacher meeting, dont forget to bring your court shoes and stocking(girls).


Dear Students leaders,

this is the packing list for camp on 5th – 6th March.

Items Recommended Quantity
T-shirts (school related) 3
Shorts 2
Windbreaker/Jacket (Recommended) 1
Socks 2
Torch Light 1
Sleeping Bag 1
Toiletries (Towel, shower gel, toothbrush, etc.)
Water Bottle (500ml) 1
Personal medication (e.g. plaster, inhaler, etc.)  
Plastic bags (for dirty clothing)
Eating utensils (Disposable plates, forks, spoons, cups) 3 sets


Please report at the FOYER at 2.OOp.m SHARP(05/03/10) with your belongings.



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what is Student Council?

Student councillors are students that are currently trained to be leaders.
Each of them is a commited individual to the council.
We strive to be role models for the rest of the CDS population.

We Consist Of 4 Departments;
Voice Of CDian,
Project Management,
Daily Operation,
Admin .

Further information:


Ties are to be put on before entering the school compound.
Ties can only be removed after walking out of the school
Communication Chart

All Councillors are required to follow the Communication Chart.
Please refer to the SC Notice Board for the Communication Chart.

Performance Grading
All jobs performed by SCs are graded to ensure the SC delivers work of high standards to our customers.
SCs will be rewarded based on the quality of their work.

Daily Duties
All Councillors are required to do respective duties allocated. Please check with the Daily Operations IC if you are unsure of your duty.


Mr Timothy Wee, Ms Sienny Wijaya, Ms Malathi Murugesan, and Ms Cheong Kah Yin.

Executive Committee (C6).

Ashwini (President), Roth (Vice-President),Kok Kiong(Vice-President), Liana(Vice-President),Rena(Vice-President) Rachel and Syahirah.


Secondary 4s '10

Ashwini (4E1), Liana (4E1), Tianhui (4E1), Suelynn (4E1), Gabriel (4E2), Kok Kiong (4E2), Rachel (4E2), Roth (4E2), Ridzwan (4A), Shemalatha (4A), Syahirah (4A) and Sahesh (4C) .

Secondary 3s '10

Benjamin (3E1), Charmaine (3E1), Dana (3E1), Nena (3E1),Vigneswaran (3E1), Diyanah (3E1), Jesslyn (3E1), Faye (3E1), Kirill (3E1),Fatullah (3E2), Latchiya (3E2), Nahar (3E2), Jacinda (3A),Jovin (3B)and Rusydi(3B).

Secondary 2s'10

Aaron (2A), Alif (2D), Chartel (2E1), Danial (2B), Eloise (2E1), Gayathri (2E1), Ikmal (2D), Iskandar (2D), Jeselle (2E1), Kathie (2E1), Larry (2C), Muttaqin (2D), Riana (2C), Rudolfh (22), Sabrina (2A), Samantha (2E1), Sheryl (2E1), Ummi (2C), and Vijita (2A).

Alumnis(secondary 4s)'09

Amira (4B), Arina (4B), Asyirin (4E), Brenda (4E1), Christian (4E1), Donovan (4C), Emmeline (4A), Fazli (4F), Glenn (4E1), Joshua (4E1), Julianna (4E1), Kingyu (4A), Nissiel (4E1), Raden (4G), Rena (4A), Salihin (4C), Shehnaz (4E1), Shesha (4E1), Sueann (4E1), Vannessa (4E1), Weiming (4A), and Zulhelmi (4C).
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